Insights from Bone and Joint Experts from Long Island

People see orthopedic surgeons for all kinds of reasons. Whether it is persistent back pain or you injured yourself after a fall on the soccer field, it is an orthopedic specialist that has the ability to assess and treat your injury. Doctors have a lot of work to do, so as a patient you should want to make their job a little easier by having the ability to answer any and all questions they may have requiring your medical history and your injury. Before going into the exam room, consider these tips regarding what a doctor wants you to know ahead of time.

“How did you really hurt yourself?” Patients are notorious for lying or trying to make the reason for their injury sound more exciting than it is, but don’t do that. The only way a doctor can treat you is if they know the truth.

Do you actually need to see the doctor? Many people rush to the doctor’s office when they feel pain when in reality, many sprains or overuse injuries can be treated with ice, rest and anti-inflammatories. Hypochondriacs, a person who is abnormally anxious about their health, are always in and out of doctor offices wasting their time and the doctors. On the other hand, there are also people that wait too long to go see a doctor. People who would rather push through the pain sometimes end up hurting themselves more. If the aches in your body are consistent for more than three weeks or if you are having trouble baring weight, call the orthopedic doctor.

It is extremely helpful for the doctor if you prepare yourself before your appointment. Come up with a list of questions, not a laundry list, but a list of a few important questions you feel you need to know the answer to in order to properly care for yourself and your injury.

Doctors also appreciate when you wear clothing that lets them assess the injury properly. For example, if you hurt your knee, wearing jeans will make it difficult for the doctor to assess the area. Instead, wear clothes that reveal that part of your body, such as shorts or loose pants.

If you are a New Yorker looking for an orthopedic surgeon, keep these insights in mind. It can make the visit to the orthopedic doctor’s office a lot better in the long run.