Advice on Elderly Care Options

‘Senior care’ is a very broad term as there is a large range of options to choose from. This range includes everything from 24/7 nursing care to just minor help with daily happenings. Deciding which is best for your elder depends on their specific needs. There are many seniors that, regardless of their age, are very capable of living safely in their own homes while others may suffer from conditions which require consistent care.

In order to decide which option is best for your loved one, you will need to evaluate their overall health with the help of their doctor. You will also need to evaluate your own personal situation to assess whether you have the availability to take on the role as a primary care taker. If you need help making these decisions, consider working with a geriatric care manager.

A geriatric care manager is a medical professional whom is trained in helping seniors reach the highest quality of life based on their particular situation. It is their job to assist the family of an elder in gaining the knowledge and skills needed to make the best decisions regarding the care of their loved one. These decisions include choosing which of the many senior care options is best.
These senior care options include:

  • In-home care. This option involves hiring a caregiver who can make daily visits to the elder’s home to assist them with everyday living activities.
  • Assisted Living. This is a residential option for seniors that need more than a little help with daily activities, but do not require round-the-clock medical care.
  • Nursing home. This is a step up from assisted living. In a nursing home, patients are provided with 24-hour nursing attention.
  • Continuing care communities. This is a combination of independent or assisted living with rehabilitation care. This allows elders to move from level to level as it is required.

Choosing between senior care options is complicated for everyone. It is because of this that geriatric care managers can be such a big help. They can share the burden of these difficult decisions and help you make the best one.